Welcome to my blog! I am hoping that this will turn into a community of teachers and technology integrators. I believe that by sharing my experiences with you.....you in turn will share with the rest of us.

June 1, 2009

Do you have a digital wish?

Digital Wish

"Every teacher has the power to earn funding at Digital Wish. Like a wedding registry, teachers make their technology wishes public and tell their story, so that anyone can make a donation to their classroom's cart. Registered teachers will automatically qualify for 43 new technology grants from Olympus and Tool Factory, including a Mobile Digital Camera Lab. Grants are then awarded to the teachers with the best all-around class profile and lesson plans. Regardless of whether teachers win a grant,their story will be available for any potential donor to read, and later contribute to. The Digital Wish web site also features a library of grant links and fund raising resources to help educators find additional funding for technology. There is also an extensive library of lesson plans so that educators can find ideas for digital projects." (e-School News.com)

For teachers that have great ideas, but know that funding issues will stand in the way.....


  1. Hi Christina, I would like to join your blog and play around with it as a participant before I actually create my own? Would that be ok? Paula Quick

  2. Hi Christina. Patti asked us to all make comments on here. Is she going to help you clean up your page once we're all done making a mess of it? :)

  3. hi Christina, i hope you are still active on this website...my name is Jacqueline Silva, i was your student at JDHS a few years ago, you helped me tremendously and even introduced me to your family and made me feel safe and confident. i've come pretty far in the past couple years and have relentlessly searched for you. jdhs offers no clue as to where you are, i was told cranford high but u also are no longer there. please contact me at xxbeautifullybrokenxx@live.com


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