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March 3, 2009

Streaming Video in Education

What did we ever do before Streaming Video?

Here are some places to explore.....

- abundance of videos for education (free for educators...see your librarian for the passcode_

SLLBoces Learning Resource Center

TeacherTube - Teachers post videos for other teachers

- Students and teachers can use this as a safe and free place to share media with the world

SchoolsTube - Another resource for teachers to share and create streaming video. Safe and free.

- You can find worlds best documentaries and brings them to you.

YouTube - Allows anyone to upload and share video. (blocked in most districts)

Freedocumentaries.org - Stream or download free documentaries

- Educational Videos

Libraries Created for Educators

Springfield High School Library_Streaming Videos - a link that will bring you to hundreds of streaming video resources broken into subject area.

SCCHS Library_Streaming Videos - Many links to other Streaming Resources for Teachers

100 Awesome Classoorm Videos - for teachers to learn more by watching videos

Video converters for FREE

www.zamzar.com - free online converter. Place the URL in the converter and it will convert it to WMP, MOV and many others

Utube download and convert

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  1. This was a wonderful resource and I can't wait to use it. Thanks


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